Wahl Senior Hair Clipper | BLK FRI SPECIAL

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This highly popular professional clipper with heavy duty and smooth running V5000 motor. This senior hair clipper is high precision adjusto-lock blades.  

This product contains the following positive effects and benefits: 

  1. High-powered yet cool running V5000 motor; 
  2. Ergonomic design
  3. Durable metal case
  4. High precision "adjust-to-lock" blades
  5. Professional clippers with durable metal case; No.1 (1/8) snap-on cutting guide; styling comb; cleaning brush; oil; blade guard and operating instructions
  6. Used with 110V in Canada/USA; and
  7. One year warranty. 

This company recommends the following guidance and usage techniques for usage of the clippers: 

  1. Remove red guard; 
  2. Use attachment combs as needed; 
  3. Use bottle of oil and blade cleaner as needed; 
  4. Unwrap chord and plug in; 
  5. Ensure blades are in-line;
  6. Adjust power screw in counter clockwise fashion for optimal speed; 
  7. Use finger ring if needed for dexterity and flexibility; Choose your guard size:  
  8. Dry your hair: never cut wet hair with clippers because this will cause the blades to rust; 
  9. Against the grain: hold the clipper with the blades down and work against the direction of your hair's growth, so you can catch more hair with the guard; 
  10. Slow for smooth: take care not to go too fast so you don't tug on the hair or hit your scalp; 
  11. Guard off: remove the guard and turn the clipper over in your hand; 
  12. Clean lines: carefully cut a clean line at the back of the neck and around the ears; 
  13. Down the line: draw the clipper down from the hairline at the back of the neck to clip the hair in that region which will for a smooth and comfortable neck; 
  14. Sideburns: cut a line at the bottom of the sideburns, comparing their lengths to ensure evenness;
  15. Reveal Pro Blow Dryer: hairdryer is good for blowing short hairs off the neck after a clipper cut. Applying baby powder to the neck keeps the hairs from adhering to the skin, making them easier to remove; 
  16. Storage: avoid wrapping wires; and 
  17. Cleaning: use cleaning supplies to clean clippers to avoid gunk build up. 
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