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Are you looking to run cool with the hottest clipper? 


 The Wahl Icon Clipper is excellent for heavy-duty cutting, tapering, fades, and blends. Equipped with new innovative motor technology a V9000 electromagnetic motor which runs faster and cooler than previous motors with 40% more cutting power. The Icon features high quality stainless steel blades, a taper lever of 1-3.5 mm and a stylish three-piece lid.

The Wahl Icon comes complete with a blade guard, 8 attachment combs, small flat top comb, cleaning brush, clipper oil and an instruction booklet.

This Wahl clipper has the following benefits and positive effects: 

  1. V9000 Electromagnetic motor; 
  2. More power, yet runs cooler; and
  3. Lightweight.

Wahl recommends the following guidance, notes of interest and usage techniques for clean ups: 

  1.  Before trimming, comb your beard in the direction it grows so that all the hairs are at their maximum height and facing the same direction
  2. Wahl has been an innovator in beard trimming technology and offer a variety of trimmers that will get the job done
  3. Understand the length of beard you want and then use trimmer guide combs to achieve said length
  4. Longer beards require trimming in the direction of hair growth to avoid a patchy look
  5. For shorter styles, you can trim in either direction depending on the look you want
  6. To maintain an even beard with neck hair, try to keep hair length shorter than the hair growing on your chin and cheeks as neck hair tends to be thicker
  7. Trimming hair above the jaw line should start at the ear and be cut toward the chin 
  8. Always clean up loose or long hair around the lips

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