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DESCRIPTION: 4 oz / 118.3 ml


Wahl clipper oil lubricates blades are specially prepared for Wahl® clippers and trimmers. It is the lifeblood of the clipper and must be used with each use. 

contains the following positive effects and benefits: 

  1. Lubricates blades; 
  2. Specifically prepared for Wahl® clippers and trimmers; 
  3. Lubricates blades; 
  4. Allows blades to cut smoothly and efficiently; 
  5. Stops blades from seizing; and
  6. 100% white mineral oil. 

This company recommends the following guidance and usage techniques: 

  1. Turn your clipper on while it is running; 
  2. Two drops of oil on running teeth and one drop at the inside rear corner of rear blade; 
  3. Three drops in total; 
  4. Clean towel and wipe any excess; and 
  5. Too much oil is as bad as not enough. 

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