MUD BATH TREATMENT - Torf Moor Mud Extract

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"Torf Moor Mud products are our treatment of choice for Moor therapy at Clifton Springs Hospital" 
Dr. Les Moore, ND, MSOM, LAc - Director of Integrative Medicine at Clifton Springs Hospital, NY, co-founder of the Oncology Association of Naturopathic Physicians 

The baths contain a high concentration of beneficial humic substances and minerals extracted from Moor Mud. Results in the latest research worldwide have shown that Moor Mud extract baths are very effective when compared to more common natural Moor Mud baths as humic substances are not bound with the cellulose bulk.

Torf Moor Mud Extract Bath is made by extracting highly beneficial components exclusively from 100% natural organic European Moor Mudthat is certified for Balneotherapy by European health authorities responsible for regulation of natural healing substances. On the top of other benefits Torf Therapeutic Bath helps to detoxify the body and to restore skin's natural functions. Properly functioning healthy skin has a strong positive influence on body‘s overall health. *
Torf Therapeutic Bath Application: detoxification, support therapy in treatment of pains in joints, muscles, back and for improvement in local blood flow. The bath has positive effect on skin problems, helps to relieve skin irritation and itching, strengthens skins protective acidic layer (humic acids) and supports blood flow. The bath has rejuvenating and toning effects on the skin, helps to relieve stress and regenerate the body’s overall well being.

Ingredients: Moor Mud Extract, Organic Sunflower Oil, Lethicin, Vitamins A, E, F, Pine Essential Oil

Bath application: 
Adults: Fill up the bathtub with warm water (about 98 -100° F). Add 50 ml (4 table spoons) of Torf Therapeutic Bath and mix well. Bathe for 15 to 30 minutes (before water start to feel cold). After the bath, rinse body with clean water and wrap yourself in dry linen. Lay down and rest for ½ hour keeping warm and avoiding drafts. You may perspire for a while after the bath which is normal, so keep a towel near to wipe the sweat from the face to feel more comfortable. Baths should be repeated up to 3 times a week for total of 12 bath series.