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 Are you looking that precious pink detangle brush? 


Tangle Angel professional detangling brush is not only perfect for detangling both wet and dry hair, but also makes a great blow drying brush and is suitable for all hair types.

This product has the following benefits and positive effects: 

  1. Specially developed antibacterial additives embedded in the plastic make your brush ultra hygienic and safe to use; 
  2. Anti static properties prevent flyaway hair leaving it smooth and silky; 
  3. Heat resistant bristles retain their shape even when used with the high temperatures generated by hairdryers up to 115 °C; 
  4. Ideal for using in the shower; and
  5. Hold by the handle or by the back for greater control when styling.

Tangle Angel Classic recommends the following guidance and beauty techniques: 

  1. Hold by the handle; or
  2. by the back for greater control when styling.

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Buy Beauty Products #buybeautyproducts @buybeautyproducts

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