Reveal Pro Flat Iron

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DESCRIPTION: Reveal™ Pro Flat Iron + Free Gift (Silk Touch 5 oz)


This is a premier selling flat iron used by the top salon and stylists worldwide. If you want to learn to style like the professionals, then purchase this product on the world's number one online beauty distribution site "Buy Beauty Products". 

This product has the following positive effects and benefits:

  1. Professional premium quality;
  2. Nano titanium plates with effortless gliding;
  3. Flash heat recovery and full ceramic heaters;
  4. Ergonomic design  and deluxe comfort thumb grip;
  5. Variable digital temperature setting 138 °C - 232 °C, 280 °F - 455°F;
  6. 1.4" Extra wide Titanium Plates allowing effortless glide with extended plate design;
  7. Tangle-free swivel cord with extra support / 2.5 m;
  8. Universal voltage from 110V to 240V; and
  9. Lock function for easy storage.
Reveal™ recommends the following usage:
  1. Please allow the flat iron to reach the desired heat; 
  2. Please read instruction manual; 
  3. Test a sample area to see if desired area responds to your preference;
  4. Unplug from socket and allow to cool down in a non-flammable area; and 
  5. Return to its casing for maximum efficiency and longevity.

 Receive Free Gift of Silk Touch 5 oz (value $23.99 CAD) with purchase.

"Beauty Outside | Euphoria Inside | Buy Beauty Products™" 

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