Neck & Cleavage (replenishing Gel For The Wrinkles & The Saggings Of Neck & Clevage) Grade 5 2x+2pcs

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-Neck & Cleavage (Replenishing Gel For The Wrinkles & The Saggings of Neck & Clevage) - Grade 5:
-1x Fillerina Gel - Grade 5 - 30ml/1oz
-1x Nourishing Film - Grade 5 - 30ml/1oz
-2x Precision Applicators
-Targets the sagging, crepey skin of the neck & cleavage
-Combines eight different types of Hyaluronic Acid with three forms of Collagen
-Step 1: Fillerina Gel penetrates skin’s deepest layers
-Decreases wrinkle depth & re-builds the collagen structure in the sagging areas
-Step 2: Nourishing Film helps firm, soften & nourish skin
-Visibly rejuvenates the delicate skin of the neck & decolletage
-Unveils a smoother, plumper, lifted & more youthful appearance