Milk_shake (Milk Shake) Color Care Maintainer Conditioner (Milkshake) |

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DESCRIPTION: 300ml / 10.1 fl. oz.

Milk proteins maintain the hair's moisture balance and Integrity 41 helps to prolong hair colour. Hair is left soft and radiant.

Product Description

milk_shake color maintainer conditioner is the perfect way to protect your hair from colour fade whilst leaving it soft, smooth and easy to control and style.

milk_shake colour maintainer conditioner is perfect to treat and condition coloured hair whilst protecting it from colour fade.  It combines the milk_shake Integrity 41 formula and adds moisture to keep your hair in optimal condition. milk_shake colour maintainer conditioner is perfect for all seasons. To optimize the results you should combine it with milk_shake color shampoo and milk_shake yogurt mask treatment. You can expect healthy and vibrant hair when using this product.

What it does:-

Contains milk proteins that protect the inner cortex and cuticles of your hair maintaining soft, shiny and silkier hair. milk_shake color maintainer conditioner contains Integrity 41 (sunflower seed extract) which protects your hair from colour fade.


Best for:-

All colour treated hair