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8-1/2 Perm with Stainless Steel Pin Tail and Extra-Fine Teeth. A multi-functional comb. Use it for foiling and very detailed color work, achieving very precise lines and sections when styling an up-do, adding finishing touches on an elegant style, and creative styling with a flat iron.

This “Goldilocks” comb is manufactured exclusively from Dupont Delrin acetate co-polymer, a 100% professional thermal material which withstands the extreme heat of blow-drying and is virtually static-free.

This product contains the following positive effects and benefits: 

  1. 8-1/2" Perm with Stainless Steel Pin Tail Comb; 
  2. A multi-functional comb; 
  3. Set Hair or use with Curling Iron and Reveal Pro Blow Dryer; 
  4.  Extra-Fine Tooth; 
  5. Burgundy Color; 
  6. Heat Resistant Thermal Comb; 
  7. Made from DUPONT DELRIN Resin - The Quality Alternative to Hard Rubber; and 
  8. Made in USA. 

Krest recommends the following guidance, notes, and usage techniques:

  1. Ideal for perming and back-combing.

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