ROOT LIFT - KeraStraight Root Lift Spray Gel |

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DESCRIPTION: 8.5 fl oz / 250 ml


This product has impeccable strength, volume and hold. 

This product contains the following positive effects and benefits: 

  1. Strong yet soft
  2. Body build: Innovative styling gel builds incredible body and suppleness; 
  3. Heat activated: its heat-activated proteins expand within the structure of the hair as it dries, delivering strength, hold and support; 
  4. Versatile: suitable for any style; and
  5. Heat protection.

This company recommends the following guidance, notes and usage techniques: 

  1. Activate for strength;
  2. Spray closely: maximum effect or from 6 inches for a lighter feel;
  3. Towel dried: apply to towel dried hair, comb through and style as desired; 
  4. Re-activate: greater hold and strength; and
  5. After "blow dry": apply after blow drying and re-dry to build incredible extra strength and support.

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