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Are you looking for real results from your faux shampoos? 


The ultimate remedy for a fatigued blowout as it rapidly breathes life into your style.

A blowout's new best friend, blowpro's faux dry / dry shampoo has a miraculous proprietary formula that revives weary styles and restores that professional and salon finish. It targets the root by removing oil and build-up without water. It re-energizes hair to its former 'just blow dried' prestige which is a must-have for fresh hair post-workout.

Faux Dry™ Dry Shampoo has the following benefits and positive effects:

  1. In a single application of this translucent fairy-weight powder, blowpro's faux dry / dry shampoo absorbs the excess oil that causes your blowout to succumb to the natural and unnatural detriments;
  2. Its specially designed applicator delivers a fine milled blend of micronized corn silk and proactive proteins directly to the root of the follicle; and 
  3. Its translucent powder works for every hair color adding volume, gloss and vitality in one effortless application.

Blowpro™ recommends the following usage:

  1. To transform tired styles, first divide your hair into equal sections.
  2. Hold bottle upright.
  3. Turn cap clockwise to expose nozzle.
  4. Holding upright, six to eight inches away from your hair, squeeze the middle of the bottle until translucent 'poufs' of fine powder appear.
  5. Massage into your scalp and brush or comb until hair appears refreshed and renewed.
  6. In the event of too much poof, please spot dry the area of hair with a Reveal Pro Blow Dryer and faux dry will instantaneously disappear.

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