Blowpro - Repair Conditioner - Damage Control™

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DESCRIPTION: 8 fl oz / 235 ml OR 1000 ml


It conditions deep inside the shaft and the root for daily care and maintenance for stressed, dry or damaged hair.

It transforms your hair into luxurious healthy locks by repairing the hair from the inside out. The regular and consistent usage of this product assists protecting the hair from daily stressors to leave a noticeably silky finish.

This product has the following effects:

  1. Retains moisture: amaranth and lupine proteins maximize moisture retention without the use of harsh sulfates, sodium chloride or parabens that damage hair long-term; and
  2. "Shea soaker": the organic Shea butter soaks into the hair, nourishing and hydrating deep inside the shaft and to the root.

Blowpro™ recommends the following usage:

  1. Apply to freshly cleansed hair, massaging thoroughly from mid-shaft to the ends before smoothing the residual product toward the root;
  2. Rinse thoroughly; 
  3. May be used as a weekly treatment; 
  4. Wrap hair in a warm towel after applying the product and leave for 15 minutes before rinsing; and
  5. Coarse, thick hair types should use "blowpro damage control daily repairing conditioner " every day.

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