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Description: 5 oz / 142 g / 147 ml

 Are you looking for more strength and body with your hair? 


Every hair type finds strength and body with blowpro body by blow no crunch volumizing mousse.

Infusing head-turning charisma into each and every layer, blowpro body by blow no crunch volumizing mousse provides maximum body without stiffness or crunch. Your roots and follicles will be fuller and thicker while maintain softness to touch.

This product has the following benefits and positive effects:

  1. Energize: silk amino acids energize troubled tresses, adding body and fullness without crunch; 
  2. Enliven: fine, limp and damaged hair feels enlivened and instantly lifted; 
  3. Resins: activated by the heat with Reveal™ Pro Blow Dryer, styling resins keep hair voluminous with durable with flexible hold; 
  4. Protectant: Natural antioxidants, sunflower seed extract and UV filters protect hair from sun, heat and pollution; and 
  5. Smooth: Your hair will be infinitely smoother so your brush will glide through it as you blow dry with the Reveal™ Pro Blow Dryer.

Blowpro™ recommends the following usage:

  1. Shake the bottle before use; 
  2. Hold bottle at a downright angle; 
  3. Begin with a golf ball sized portion of foam; 
  4. Mix gently with both hands and rake the styling product from root to tip through freshly cleansed, conditioned and towel-dried hair;
  5. Blow dry with Reveal™ Pro Blow Dryer using a round brush to plump up your look. For the best results, finish with blowout spray serious non-stick hair spray; 
  6. Dispense directly onto paddle brush and comb through hair for even distribution; and 
  7. Use blow up root lift concentrate at the root for an extra lift.

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