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DESCRIPTION: 4.7 fl oz / 142 ml

Are you looking for extra volume with styling control? 


This root booster delivers long-lasting volume in your desired and specified area.

Blowpro's blow up root lift concentrate adds targeted, crunch-free weightless volume directly to the root which gives you ultimate styling control. Sweeping roots skyward, lackluster locks  life with every spritz. Whenever and wherever you need a lift, just spray, style and blow.

This product has the following benefits and positive effects:

  1. Reducing build-up and eliminating crunchy hair, blowpro blow up root lift concentrate works by restructuring hair inwardly; 
  2. The customized applicator gives you ultimate control to achieve a targeted lift without teasing or backcombing; and
  3. Blowpro's powerful blend of milk and rice proteins prolongs the lifting action while the sweet almond protein improves luster and fortification.

Blowpro™ recommends the following usage:

  1. Apply blowpro blow up root lift concentrate to clean, damp hair in sections at the crown of your head;
  2. Aim the nozzle applicator close to the scalp and massage into the root to achieve a targeted lift. Brush hair upward as you blow dry;
  3. Spritz blowpro blow up root lift concentrate at the root section by section - blow drying each section fully (roots first, then mid-shaft to ends) before moving onto the next;
  4. When the crown area is done, add Velcro rollers to set each section;  
  5. Spray blow up thickening mist from the mid-shaft to the ends for all over volume; and
  6. For captivating statement hair, wash with blow up daily volumizing shampoo and conditioner before applying a cocktail of blow up root lift concentrate and blow up thickening mist.

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