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Are you looking for that hot look with an ice cold freeze? 


Biotera Color Care Freezing Hairspray enhances color vibrancy while freezing styles in place for 24 hours with no flaking or stickiness.

The "Color Care Freezing Hairspray" has the following benefits and positive effects: 

  1. Biotera Color Care Freezing Hairspray enhances color radiance by two times; and 
  2. Infused with sargassum to control frizz even in the highest humidity with no flaking or stickiness.

Biotera™ recommends  the following guidance, notes and usage techniques: 

  1. Ideal for color-treated hair in need of extreme style support and luminous shine; and
  2. The formula is suitable for all hair types.

"Beauty Outside | Euphoria Inside | Buy Beauty Products™"

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Consummate consumer section: 

The Florida Keys and its smaller islands are well known for their high levels of Sargassum covering their shores. Gulfweed was observed by Columbus. Although it was formerly thought to cover the entirety of the Sargasso Sea, making navigation impossible, it has since been found to occur only in drifts.

Sargassum is also cultivated and cleaned for use as an herbal remedy. Many Chinese herbalists prescribe powdered Sargassum in paper packets of 0.5 gram, to be dissolved in warm water and drunk as a tea. It is said to remove excess phlegm. When sold in this application it is commonly referred to as seaweed sargassum tea.

Species of this genus of algae may grow to a length of several metres. They are generally brown or dark green in color and consist of a holdfast, a stipe, and a frond. Oogonia and antheridia occur in conceptacles embedded in receptacles on special branches. Some species have berrylike gas-filled bladders which help keep the fronds afloat to promote photosynthesis. Many have a rough sticky texture, which together with a robust but flexible body, helps it to withstand strong water currents.