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DESCRIPTION: 3oz / 85g


Does your hair read like a cheap novel: limp and dog-eared? Demand a rewrite with Sculpt Friction, a styling paste to carve out the hero in your hair. Not only does the plot thicken, hair is shinier, stronger, and stays put. Check mirror, smile and pose. 

Sculpt Friction™ contains the following positive effects and benefits: 

  1. Non-greasy: you are able to use your smart phone immediately after without 16 washes of your hands;
  2. Moisturizing;
  3. Conditioning: provides the work that your conditioner may not have or you "forgot" to use;
  4. Glamourizing: show off your hair with pride and class;
  5. Gives moldability without flaking; and
  6. Ideal for short-medium length hair.

Billy Jealousy™ provides the following guidance and usage techniques:

  1. Extract: small amount;
  2. Rapid rub: between palms to emulsify;
  3. Cross-friction: Slide and smear horizontally and vertically quickly between hands, then rakishly finger-comb into place; and
  4. Slide: hands through damp hair; and
  5. Style as desired.

"Beauty Outside | Euphoria Inside | Buy Beauty Products™"

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This is the Billy Jealousy line featured on the Shark Tank! 

Consummate Consumer Section:

Please watch, Dan Gregory of Man Made in London, show how to cut your one way but style it in three different ways, then apply Billy Jealousy’s Sculpt Friction, a non-greasy, conditioning fiber paste. The fiber paste is the best hair product for creating almost any look whether that be messy, sophisticated or spiked