SHAVE CREAM - Billy Jealousy Hydroplane

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DESCRIPTION: 8 oz / 236 ml

International Awards: 

  1. "Chosen as "Best Shaving Lubricant Ever Used" by and 
  2. Winner: Best Shave Cream at Esquire Grooming Awards. 


Dragging a blade across your face every day does not have to be a grind. Reinvent the "lost art" of smooth shaving with "Hydroplane" Shave Cream: a rich, technologically advanced and foamless cream that maintains your sharp look while feeling noticed. After all, sometimes it is not nice to play rough.

Hydroplane™ contains the following benefits and positive effects: 

  1. Fragrance free: no offensive odours and the females cuddle close; 
  2. Colorant free: no "purple drink" colors; 
  3. Benzocaine free
  4. No need for pre-shave oil: save money for the dinner and drinks; 
  5. Designed for sensitive skin: pH balanced for sensitive but strong enough for a man; 
  6. Smooth razor glide: you are not hitting the moguls like a Begg-Smith but "skiing downhill" like a Bilodeau due water-soluble silicone;  
  7. Eliminates irritation and cuts;
  8. Non-staining towards clothes and garments; 
  9. Natural citrus and mint fragrance; 
  10. No alcohol or menthol: smell like a modelling competition not a frat party; 
  11. Razor blade longevity;
  12. Protects against razor burn, nicks, bumps and ingrown hairs, and acne; and
  13. Foamless cream. 

Billy Jealousy™ recommends the following guidance and usage techniques: 

  1. Cleanse: wash face with fluffy, clean cloth and warm water;
  2. Massage: Massage a quarter-sized amount of Hydroplane Shave Cream onto wet face, shave, and then rinse with warm water; 
  3. Electric option: May be used with an electric wet shaver;
  4. No combo: Do not combine with Hot Towel Pre-Shave Treatment
  5. "Smoothie": Blend with an equal amount of Hot Towel Pre-Shave Treatment before you whip out the razor; and
  6. "Hot in here": Constantly add warm warm water on fact to increase slickness of proprietary formulation. 

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Consumer Q&A

Why should I switch from my can of shave cream foam to Hydroplane Shave Cream?

Traditional foam shave creams are comprised mainly of air and tiny bubbles. These tiny bubbles provide the cushion between your face and a razor. Unfortunately, they don't provide much cushion or lubrication which often results in razor drag, nicks and ingrown hairs. Hydroplane Shave Cream, on the other hand, is comprised of millions of beads of water-soluble, micro-silicone. This ingredient provides much more lubrication which results in greater razor glide. The water-soluble part means that the product does not break down when it comes into contact with water. Instead, it becomes slicker and slicker, ensuring a close but comfortable shave.  It also does not stain clothes.

How much product should I use?

Apply a quarter-sized amount to wet face.  Add warm water continuously to face to slicken formula. Add more product too if you like for added protection.

Does it have a fragrance?

There is no added fragrance in Hydroplane Shave Cream. It does have a natural fragrance due to the orange, grapefruit, lime and bergamot oils in the product.

Hydroplane Shave Cream is pricier than some of the other shave creams I've seen. Is it still a good value?
Yes, it is an excellent value because you need very little product in order to experience a great shave. An 8oz bottle can last for several months.

Does it contain any alcohol?

There is no alcohol in Hydroplane and alcohol is a skin irritant.

Does it contain Menthol?

No Menthol was left out of this product. While Menthol triggers a nice cooling effect, it over stimulates skin during the shaving process, when the skin is most vulnerable.

I've seen Benzocaine in some competitive products. Does your shave cream contain this ingredient?

No we left out Benzocaine as well. Benzocaine is a numbing agent. We feel that our shave cream is such a superior product that we don't need to include a numbing agent in it. Shaving with a product that includes Benzocaine may also result in applying too much razor pressure while you shave which may be harmful to your skin.

Which razors do you recommend to use with Hydroplane?

Our three recommendations is the Reveal razor. 

"Our hero product.  It's by far our #1 seller: a unique pre-shave oil and shave cream in one. Shaving irritation affected me all through high school, college and grad school.  I later found out that about 80% of men and women experience shaving irritation, according to the American Dermatological Association.  Hydroplane is the perfect remedy for all the classic problems associated with shaving.  I think products like this along with improvements in razor technology have encouraged a lot more men and women to switch back to razor blades over electric razors."

 Celebrity Users: 

  1. George Clooney; 
  2. Peter O'Toole; 
  3. Ben Affleck; 
  4. Keanu Reeves; 
  5. Tobey Maguire; 
  6. James Franco; and 
  7. Tony Romo. 

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