Berrywell creamy professional tints

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DESCRIPTION: 1/2 OZ - F-1C (Black); F-2C (Blue-Black), F-22C (Blue-Blue), F-3C (Natural Brown), F-31C (Light Brown), F-4C (Graphite), F-51C (Chestnut)


This is an established international line of quality hair dyes that made in Germany. It works well on short hairs. 

Available in BLACK ( F-1C ), BLUE-BLACK ( F-2C ), BLUE-BLUE ( F-22C ), NATURAL BROWN ( F-3C ), LIGHT BROWN ( F-31C ), GRAPHITE ( F-4C ) and in CHESTNUT ( F-51C ).

These "Haircare Creamy Tints" contain the following benefits and positive effects: 

  1. Seamless transition: Estheticians can easily switch to the Augenblick system because there is no training involved and the colours are industry-standard tints; 
  2. Consistent: desired colours are easy to obtain and consistently achieved
  3. Durable: long-lasting and non-irritating results; 
  4. Derm tested: Cream mixture is dermatological tested; 
  5. Stick mix: mixing stick included to blend the hair dye with developer lotion;
  6. Competitive: competitively priced; and
  7. Custom: colours can be combined for a customized effect. 

Berrywell™ recommends the following usage and tips: 

  1. This tint is used in conjunction with a developer which must be purchased separately; 
  2. A .5 oz tube will provide more than 50 applications; and
  3. It is available in a number of different shades ranging through light to dark and you can expect it to last for 4-6 weeks 

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Dermatologically approved - salon exclusive but finally brought to you in the retail market


in BERRYWELL® German it stands for expressive eyes with a memorable glance!

augenblick - a memorable glance: This is the catchphrase and subject for expressive eyebrows and
eyelash colors with long-lasting effects. With the BERRYWELL® eyebrow and eyelash color augenblick,
you can obtain a high-quality, permanent color, with reliable and tested quality.

Furthermore, it is easy to use and comes with perfectly aligned accessories.

The result: A perfect appearance for seductive, unforgettable moments.
This system offers an extremely wide selection of 7 colors.

BERRYWELL® is a strong brand of TITANIA® Fabrik GmbH with its headquarter in Wülfrath, Germany.

For more than 60 years, the mid-sized family company has been active on the international body care market, by now in 114 countries. TITANIA® produces more than 30 million articles each year at two state-of-the-art production facilities in the Fortunastrasse in Wülfrath, North Rhine-Westphalia. 

Starting in 2006, the development of the new BERRYWELL® product range began in the BERRYWELL® competence centre.

Following intensive market studies and in close collaboration with hair stylists and users, the recipes and formulas for a complete line of professional hair cosmetics were produced in the BERRYWELL® research and development centre, which meets the highest quality requirements, is user-friendly and precisely tailored to the needs of modern salons and their customers.

The entire BERRYWELL® product range is developed and produced in Germany.

In 2008, the BERRYWELL® competence centre was expanded with the addition of a training centre, the BERRYWELL® academy. The core of our education and training concept at a top international level was established on 220m².

The large investments of TITANIA® Fabrik GmbH in recipes, product development, customer service, education and advanced training continuously guarantee the first-class standards of professional haircare Made in German

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