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You’ll be able to put together so many looks with Benecos Quattro Eyeshadow. Each palette includes four indispensable shades that can be used individually or variation. Each shadow strikes the perfect balance between matte and shimmer, making them everyone’s darlings. Because they’re long-lasting, smudge-free, and made with all natural ingredients, what’s not to love?

You will be on board for this dreamy palette. With its shimmery touch of pink shadow, vibrant orchid, subtle amethyst, and a sexy smoky deep taupe, you can go from office appropriate to night-time glam. Any eye color can wear these shadows, but if you have green eyes, you will be off the chain. 

This product has the following benefits, key active ingredients and positive effects: 

  1. Pigments are created naturally from pure minerals, and organic tapioca starch provides a super smooth application. 
  2. Formulated without: methylparaben, butylparaben, ethylparaben, propylparaben, dimethicone, polymers, BHT, formaldehyde, synthetic fragrance, synthetic colors, mineral oil, petrolatum, triethanolamine, mercury, cadmium, and other heavy metal
  3. BDIH Certified Natural; 
  4. Cruelty Free
  5. Gluten-Free; and 
  6. Made in Germany. 

This company recommends the following guidance, notes and usage techniques: 

  1. Perfect your skin: makeup blends in easily‚ first wash with cleanser and clean cloth to gently exfoliate your face
  2. Moisturize: even out skin tone before application
  3. S and S: shape and shade in well blended progression of light to dark color; 
  4. Light: light colors will highlight or emphasize shallow areas; 
  5. Dark: dark colors will recede or minimize fuller and more prominent areas; 
  6. Load up: always load your brushes with a small amount of color since it is easier to add; 
  7. Prep: Prep your eye area with foundation and/or concealer and set with a dusting of powder; and
  8. Finish: finish every eye design with eyeliner and mascara. 

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