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Benecos Urban Natural, long-lasting silky smooth paraben and lead-free black eyeliner glides on effortlessly, for a dramatic look. This specially formulated infusion of organic flower extracts and nourishing organic oils feel natural and non-irritating on the eyelid. You can add specific definition and depth to eyes with our smooth and creamy eyeliner pencils.

This "Benecos Natural Liquid Eyeliner" has the following benefits, key active ingredients and positive effects: 

  1. Organic: made with organic plant oils and pure minerals, these pencils are easy to apply and give long-lasting color; 
  2. Versatile: wide range of shades for any eye color, mood or look.
  3. Gentle on sensitive skin; 
  4. Formulated without: methylparaben, butylparaben, ethylparaben, propylparaben, dimethicone, polymers, BHT, formaldehyde, synthetic fragrance, synthetic colors, mineral oil, petrolatum, triethanolamine, mercury, cadmium, and other heavy metals; and
  5. BDIH Certified Natural, Cruelty Free, Gluten-Free.
This company recommends the following guidance, notes and tips:
  1. Six inches: stand six (6) inches away from a mirror and tilt your chin up, so that when you look down your nose into the mirror, you can see your entire eyelid; 
  2. Dust: Dab concealer or dust translucent powder on your upper lids. Blend well with a sponge or lightly pat with a fingertip to cover veins and prevent creasing; 
  3. Shape: Before applying liner, determine your eye shape. If eyes are close-set or round, line only the outer corners. Otherwise, rim the entire upper lid; 
  4. Soften pencil: Soften the pencil top by rolling it between your fingers; 
  5. Eyelid: Gently pull your eyelid taut at an upward angle. Beginning at the inner corner, draw small, connected dashes along the top lashes. Be sure to stay close to the roots so there is no skin visible between the lashes and the liner. To make eyes look bigger, extend the liner slightly beyond the outer corners; 
  6. Brush: Brush a matching powder shadow on top of the liner to keep it from rubbing off; 
  7. Walk the line: the line with a sponge tip or cotton swab by rubbing it slightly up and out at the corners; and
  8. Cotton: use a cotton swab to fix
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