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DESCRIPTION: 8.5 fl oz / 250 ml

Are you looking for that tousled look? 


A lightweight mist that give you naturally tousled beach-blown hair without the expense and time. 

This product has captured the alluring sense of the Bohemian sea swept hair  by bottling it for your ease of usage. This natural weightless mist is a carefully constructed blend of selected marine extracts, Dead Sea salts and milk proteins. Blowpro beach blow adds fullness and volume by strengthening and thickening the hair's cuticle. You can obtain long-lasting, tousled tresses without the travel.

This product has the following specific benefits and positive effects:

  1. Dead Sea salts: the marine extracts and "Dead Sea" salts thicken, texturize and enliven hair without drying, withering or shriveling;
  2. Lock in moisture: moisture is locked-in to give a natural seaside sheen; and
  3. Versatile: the nourishing milk proteins add flexibility and luminosity with a pliable matte finish.

Blowpro™ recommends the following guidance and usage techniques:

  1. Spritz into the palm of your hands and scrunch into freshly cleansed, conditioned and towel-dried hair;
  2. For extra body, use the Reveal™ Pro Blow Dryer blow dry using a diffuser;
  3. For more defined curls, finish with a curling iron;  
  4. When your hair is dry, let it set for a few seconds before adding more blowpro beach blow for extra texture;
  5. For added shine, definition and hold, apply a blend of beach blow texturizing mist and mane tame soft pomade; 
  6. 24 hours following the blowout, refresh your look with a curling iron and a little blowpro beach blow;
  7. Spray onto palms, scrunch into hair and finger-rake out; and
  8. Use a little prior to braiding or styling an updo for a fun textured appearance.

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