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So how do you get those locks, if you’re not born with them?

Well, for starters, you invest in virgin Indian Remy hair that’s sure to give you the bounce, shine, and body you need. But when you want that extra definition or extra smoothness in your look – something in between a body wave loose curly – you probably need to curl your hair extensions. So here are your options!

First things first, consider the type of hair extensions you are rocking right now. If your virgin Indian hair has a tighter curl pattern that you want to straighten or smooth out a bit, hot or pin curling will be your best choice. On the other hand, if you have fairly straight hair extensions that need to spiral up some, a wet set or roller set will serve you better.

Once you’ve determined what styling method will help create the look you want, make sure you know the proper procedures for pin curling, roller setting and hot curling your hair (follow the links for instructions). However, also take into account these special additions that will help protect and serve your hair weave better:

  • Use the lowest heat possible when hot curling. One of the main advantages of virgin Indian hair is the thick, healthy, unblemished cuticle. Too-hot curling irons will damage the locks, leading to splitting, breakage, and loss of luster. And since Indian hair is generally straight anyway, you won’t need a “hard” hold to your new barrel curls – so go easy and set your iron to only half strength!

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 Here are the Reveal Pro hair extensions that you can curl: 




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