Vicks VapoRub Fixes Severe Cough!? Smell This! #Beauty myths

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Is this myth, unrpoven or fact?


This is not proven...

Rubbing Vick VapoRub on the feet and covering with socks supposedly cures even severe cough, 100% of times, and works better than prescription drugs. Though it’s widely claimed that the Canada Research Institute has established this, the truth is that the subject has not been researched or tested, and has not been proven or disapproved. The idea probably developed from the old belief that internal irritant might be countered by external application of products with mild irritants, such as garlic, mustard or camphor, and VapoRub, too has irritants. There are many reflexes that cause cough, which may or may not be triggered by different ways. There is no good reason to believe that VapoRub is a definite cure.

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