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How are you using your hair oils? 

This may seem counter-intuitive considering I just told you how to get the oil out of your hair, but hear me out. Hair oil is seriously a gift from Zeus. 

Trust me, if you have straight hair, oil will smooth it out and eliminate frizz. If you have curly/wavy hair, it will reactivate the curl, get rid of frizz, and add the bounce back in.

Keep the oil away from your roots and use a dime-size amount. (If you have really thick hair you might be able to use up to a quarter-size amount.) Be careful now to use too much or your mop will just get all greasy again and you’ll be back to where you started which is a novice error. 

Out of all the quick beauty tips, shampoo + hair oil has to be my favorite. These two gems together will give off the magical illusion that you spent hours on your hair when, in reality, it took about five seconds total and you will thank yourself for being a genius. 

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